“Metamorphosis” by Kafka (2nd Review)

This is one of my favourite works of Kafka that had really affected me when I had read it a few years ago. Since then, I have reread it several times, just completed a painting inspired by it, and now rewriting the review as I now see it in a different light. Of course the story itself is surrealistic, impinging on a dream but is too long, clear and detailed to actually be a dream.290-metamorphosis

Gregor Sama awakens one day and finds himself transformed into a beetle/ cockroach. His father’s debt had burdened him with responsibilities and had shackled him to a miserable existence as a travelling salesman. His family members were actually akin to vermins, living extravagant lives, feeding off Gregor and hence I feel that Gregor had actually transformed to become one with his family. Ironically the family is repulsed by his appearance and as they have to work and also part with their extravagances-large house, servant etc, they admonish him and finally, like Kafka’s Judgment, pronounce the sentence that he should be gotten rid of and ideally should have left himself. As in Judgment, the family’s judgment causes Gregor’s demise.

The family doesn’t feel a pang of guilt on causing his death and quickly move on and the story culminates with the parents focussing on his sister Grete and her marriage prospects.

This story clearly portrays Kafka’s central themes: family- son conflict and complete disparagement of humanity. Clearly a masterpiece!!

A dreamer, spoilt by the world of literature trying to find her expression through Art and her sanity through nature and traveling !! My art: www.richakedia.com

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4 comments on ““Metamorphosis” by Kafka (2nd Review)
  1. Derico says:

    I haven’t read Metamorphosis yet–sacrilege, I know. But I have read The Trial and I just finished The Castle. It sounds like this is the one that epitomizes the author since it’s short, concise, and complete while still carrying all the motifs from The Castle and The Trial in the futility to change anything. Great review!

    • Richa Kedia says:

      Ironically I have read all short stories by Kafka but I’m yet to read Trial and Castle! Would pick them up soon! But Metamorphosis I’ve reread so many times and each time I read I get fresh perspective of the story! Totally love it! So would strongly recommend you to read Metamorphosis anyways!

  2. Fictionquest says:

    I think anyone who is an avid reader must go through a ‘Kafka’ period. My time was when I was a very young foreign student struggling with the French bureaucracy .
    At that time the Castle resonated with me in a way I cannot forget thirty years later. (Very nice post by the way)

    • I agree about Kafka phase. One would either love or hate Kafka, but either ways he would leave an impact through limited words. I am yet to read Castle but love most of his short stories!

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