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“The Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

This book was gifted by a friend, I wouldn’t have picked it up myself! It was an interesting read and I definitely loved learning about the flowers and their implied meanings during the Victorian era, Communicating through flowers and not

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First Experience

I watch my niece’s first experiences with the world around her. She satiates her curiosity and completes her exploration of a new object with all 5 senses: look, touch, feel, smell and finally take it in her mouth to taste.

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The ‘In Bruges’ walking tour

Originally posted on abitofculture:
I can’t remember the last time I read a blog about Bruges that didn’t mention the black comedy ‘In Bruges’. So rather than just mention it, I thought I’d write a whole blog post on it.…

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Photo Prompt

Originally posted on The Heart of Writing:
Use this photo to write a story. Set a scene here, pick a particular shop or restaurant and begin a scene in there, create characters who are walking through these streets on a…

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The Joy of Writing Rediscovered

  In today’s world of ever-changing technology, I have doggedly stuck to the old ways and supported them: paintings/ sketches versus photographs, books versus kindle/ ipad, no phone versus the constant buzzing of mobile phones. It is not that I

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State & Other Social Institutions

Coetzee discusses several opinions on State and other social institutions that man associates himself with in his book “Diary of a Bad Year”. Overall his opinions are reflected in the opinions he voices of Margaret Thatcher: “She doesn’t believe in

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Death in Mythologies: Orephus-Euridice

Ancient mythologies are fascinating, ion how they are similar and yet so different from each other. One of Greek mythologies- Orephus-Euridice is a heady concoction of love, music, suffering and human weaknesses and hence is one of the recurring myths

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