First Experience

I watch my niece’s first experiences with the world around her. She satiates her curiosity and completes her exploration of a new object with all 5 senses: look, touch, feel, smell and finally take it in her mouth to taste. I don’t stop her, just ensure she doesn’t hurt herself.

As adults, for which new experience do we let all our senses be involved?

I got a chance to indulge an adult, much younger than me, live through experiences again vicariously.

His first flight. I observe and guide.

His ascent in life and profession. I wait and watch. His genuine glee.

I gave him wings, my only plea, don’t use them to fly away from me. He did exactly that.

When the initial attraction is over, you need something to fall back on; there was nothing, only mind’s play. Fell down with a thud.


A dreamer, spoilt by the world of literature trying to find her expression through Art and her sanity through traveling !!

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