The Joy of Writing Rediscovered


In today’s wIMG_0321orld of ever-changing technology, I have doggedly stuck to the old ways and supported them: paintings/ sketches versus photographs, books versus kindle/ ipad, no phone versus the constant buzzing of mobile phones. It is not that I am Amish or neophobic or an octogenarian but I do feel there is a certain appeal in the old way of doing things and we shouldn’t right away reject them for any new technology that comes in.


However, mainly due to convenience I have taken to typing on phone or laptop as opposed to writing while penning down my thoughts as mostly you think while traveling while you can’t really write and it is easier to retrieve a typed document. But there is a reason why the phrase is called “penning down one’s thoughts”. I am rediscovering the magic of writing through my latest obsession- Sheaffer fountain pen!! Somehow one can certainly express oneself better while writing! The added advantage is also you can doodle along with your writing!!



A dreamer, spoilt by the world of literature trying to find her expression through Art and her sanity through traveling !!

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One comment on “The Joy of Writing Rediscovered
  1. rodemm says:

    Well typing is not that natural, but neither is writing with a pen. How about dictation? Hopefully if we improve a bit on that we don’t really have to speak it out loud in the future but just think a sentence and save it into a document.

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