“Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro

This is a dystopian novel set in England and through the narrator- Kathy and her friends Tommy and Ruth, Ishiguro  builds a completely fictional world so adroitly that you are completely convinced of its verity and  engrossed with the life of the protagonists that when the world completely crumbles at the end of the book you are left bereft with no comfort, not even a title song that you were made to believe existed!! Everything was completely fictional!!

63f14d155c1ac045938633056414141414d6741The story perhaps is not new but the novel in unparalleled in building the depths of the narrator’s character- her thoughts, desires, beliefs and confusions at various stages of life – at Hailsham School and then her life as a carer and also the complexity and frailty of her love and relationships with Tommy and Ruth.

I really appreciate the skill with which Ishiguro conveys emotion hinting at tragedy rather than exploiting it, the way these kids realize that they are considered non-human in society and their fate is pre-decided and they have no right to any ambition or desire. Everything, they had believed in, is shattered by the end of the book; even the belief that through true love they can somehow escape their fate. Even Hailsham ceases to exist!

After reading the book I had frantically searched for the song “Never Let Me Go” as Ishiguro had mentioned the author and the lyrics, only to discover that the song doesn’t exist. Ishiguro leaves you completely shaken with nothing for comfort!!


A dreamer. An intellectual, spoiled by the world of literature trying to find sanity through traveling and expression through Visual Art and writing! Hope you like my expressions on this blog!!

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