My Vodafone Connection

“Wherever you go our network follows”.

Keeping up with this punch line was not too much of an issue for the brand ambassador as Romeo could make his presence felt in the entire house felt by the characteristic sound of the air passing through the narrow passages of his tiny snout. The sound transformed into a snore when he slept and resembled that of a reciprocating pump if he was taken to an unfamiliar place. My clothes were also marked by his permanent by his trail of hair.

Inspired by the unique antics of my personal Vodafone connection, I’ve always wanted to write this post but it has remained incomplete as I could not decide what all to capture here, sitting as a draft in my account since 2008. Today I finally took the pledge to complete the as the protagonist is no longer a part of this world.

 I’ll start with his unique dietary habits. Unlike all other dogs, Romeo was a vegetarian who would pounce on fruits but non-veg would have to be forced down his throat and he would swallow with distaste. His favorite abode was the (heated) back of the refrigerator in summers and in winters, he would snuggle into unique hiding places – cupboard, pile of clothes, suitcase etc and we would spend hours searching for him.

 Taking him out for a walk was no less a travail. He was the biggest attention grabber, easily any girl’s envy, and there won’t be a head that won’t have turned to look at him. Much aware of his celebrity status, he would not condescend to look at other dogs that he crossed but only rush towards every moving car in the hope of being taken in and I would have to pull him away from the path of the speeding car.

 Even his death was so unique. He was absolutely fine the whole day when only my mother was home but just as everybody returned home from office, he started running around in frenzy and we all had to take him to the hospital, wherein he breathed his last due to lung collapse, on the eve of my sister’s birthday. It was as if he had chosen the right moment to exit to get maximum attention; our little drama queen!! He now lies buried in our garden with a rose plant growing on the spot, occupying a permanent space in our lives!!


A dreamer. An intellectual, spoiled by the world of literature trying to find sanity through traveling and expression through Visual Art and writing! Hope you like my expressions on this blog!!

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4 comments on “My Vodafone Connection
  1. joydeep roy says:

    I read every word u wrote about Romeo with a fond remembrance. The few days that he lived with me on two occasions gave me enough memories to last a lifetime, and u actually brought him up. Hard not to have him around but he was so much fun so long he lived , with his legendary penchant for vegetable and fruit peals and his grunts and snores.

  2. jasmine says:

    I’m glad you finished writing this piece. I still find it hard to believe that i won’t find him behind the fridge when I come to your house!

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