Utopian Paradise!!

Yesterday, I went out for dinner with an American named Jim yesterday and he narrated an interesting anecdote, “When my mother was growing up in US, she received a postcard with a captivating photograph from a place called KUALA LUMPUR. She was so fascinated by the photograph and the pronunciation of the name, that she immediately  took a fancy to the place and for her it represented theis mystical place on earth, nothing short of paradise. So whenever things went awry in her life, she pictured herself in Kuala Lumpur where all troubles would simply vanish into thin air!”

“I moved to Singapore two years back and as a part of my business frequented Kuala Lumpur. When I told my mother of my visit to KL, she used to get so excited and to humor her I used to send her a postcard from KL every time I was there. This Christmas, she visited me in Singapore and I took her visiting in and around Singapore. We went everywhere except for KL, I guess she didn’t want to shatter the serene image she had in mind!!”

“So is there any such place in this world for you, that you have romanticized in your mind forever?”

I thought for a moment and replied- Israel. This is the place about which I would have read more than India itself and can’t stop raving about. The place that existed as a concept and dream in the minds of people much before it came into existence, united the Jews through zionism and gave them the passion to transform a desert into a self-supporting agricultural country. The place that is nothing short of a miracle and the fight for this nation continues even 60 years after its inception.  I have this perfect image of this place and its people and want to visit it but I am so apprehensive about whether it would live up to my expectations when I set foot there!

Even Richard’s concept of the beautiful virgin beach in Alex Garland’s book was shattered by the end of it!!


A dreamer. An intellectual, spoiled by the world of literature trying to find sanity through traveling and expression through Visual Art and writing! Hope you like my expressions on this blog!!

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One comment on “Utopian Paradise!!
  1. pankajunk says:

    one of the elements of happiness seems to be belief in a little mystery. my opinion of Israel is somewhat negative – as an oppressor or Palestine.

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