My Experiments with Truth

Dear Reader, I first wish to clarify that the title is a misnomer. My experiments, unlike those of Gandhi, are not concerned with the profound truths of life and India, but with the basic stark requirement of man since inception: FOOD.

During my education, I fortunately had been shielded from the agony and despair that was in store for me in the kitchen. I contently nibbled whatever my mom set onto my plate and later the hostel mess, blissfully oblivious to the ways and means of its preparation. True, your parents protect you from every possible danger in the world.

However my fetish for cakes, drew the better of me and paved way for my foray into the warfront and after much struggling and various experiments at my and my friends’ premises, I believe I mastered the art and if I recorded each experiment carefully I could scientifically document how the cake will turn out to be in case an ingredient was missed, hence I understood the essence of each ingredient and the exact proportion in which each needs to be added. But mastering the basic cake wasn’t enough, then my curiosity got the better of me and I tried experimenting on adding liquors and concluded that they burn with every liquor but wine and beer and ‘bhang’ has no effect after baking!!

Braved by my baking experiments and living alone while working, I decided to foray deeper into the unknown territory. My mother, suspicious of my abilities, taught me the rudimentary style of cooking that could be applied while preparing all vegetables. Smugly content with myself at having accomplished this feat, I prodded my mother to teach me other innovative culinary methods, but good senses prevailed over her and she put me down saying I won’t be having time for that. If only I had listened. I initiated the experiments on my own based on recipies on internet. To cut the long story short, let’s just say in the exercise I just learnt 1,00,001 ways to burn food and then eat it irrespective of its resulting carbon content for lack of other options. A colossal waste of time and messing up of my palate. If only I could have just listened to my mother!!

Now I simply rely on whatever my maid cooks for me and heave a sigh of relief for having found a good maid!!


A dreamer. An intellectual, spoiled by the world of literature trying to find sanity through traveling and expression through Visual Art and writing! Hope you like my expressions on this blog!!

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One comment on “My Experiments with Truth
  1. jasmine says:

    This is perhaps the first time I’ve read your “humorous” side!

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