42: Simple Hence Astounding!!

Simple humor has potential to boggle numerous minds and trigger endless debates for years on the go! Douglas Adams in his book Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy has defined 42 as the Ultimate answer to every question in the world. The Ultimate Question was later defined as “9 x 6 =?” to demonstrate that there cannot be a single Ultimate answer to every question in the world, there will always be some uncertainty or a mismatch.


Douglas’ reasoning: 42 is a simple number represented as 101010 in binary system. His mirth has triggered many to lose sleep over the significance of the number as many argue 9 X 6 = 42 in base 13.


Interesting points to note:


  • Weight of our galaxy is 3 X 10 ^ 42 kilograms.
  • There are 42 Laws to the game of Cricket
  • The angle at which light reflects off of water to create a rainbow is 42 degrees.
  • Two physical constants in the universe are the speed of light and the diameter of a proton. It takes light 10 ^ – 42 seconds to cross the diameter of a proton.
  • A barrel holds 42 gallons
  • 42 is roughly the age at which man enters mid-life crisis
  • Title of a popular song of Coldplay alleged to be alluding to the year 1642….


The endless mysteries behind every number, the most potent numbers are 9 and 13, but the number 42 has attained immortality post Douglas’ fame!!


A dreamer. An intellectual, spoiled by the world of literature trying to find sanity through traveling and expression through Visual Art and writing! Hope you like my expressions on this blog!!

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14 comments on “42: Simple Hence Astounding!!
  1. rider says:

    lol, hope didnt take douglas adams too seriously; one can say more scandalous things about the number 6.

  2. for any damn nbr in this world…there’ll be some trivia attached to it…

    u’ve been studying the answer…

    but have u asked the right question 😛

  3. rider says:

    not really, there cud be some damned trivia attached to every number, but one cud see the patterns that they exhibit,with a little observation. but some numbers r well n truly unique…..

  4. rider says:

    well the interesting thing about 6 is that its the first composite number which is the product of two primes….and of all primes, being an even prime, 2 is special………so all number theoritical theories always treat the case 2 separately and more often than not calculations involing 2 r way too tedious.

    so all the complications involved with 2 manifest well n truly in 6……….n yeah 4 is interesting again, esp being apower of 2……….9 is a nice number, infact i do like all primes, powers of primes.

  5. rider says:

    moreover i was just kidding, wen i wrote my first post, i really liked hitchhikers galaxy……..and i randomly found ur blog, while searching for something on nabokov, then ur post on THE GIFT and then started reading the other posts ……….u have a flair for writing, keep writing.

  6. rider says:

    btw y do u think 9 and 13 r interesting ??

  7. Pankaj says:

    someone who has studied maths would know that it is not 9 and 13, but pi and e that the real special numbers. 9 and 18 are mere popular artists.

  8. rider says:

    rt, “they r special real numbers”,but not “natural numbers “, they r called transcendtal numbers by the way.

  9. @Pankaj, pi and e that the special numbers mathematically, 9 and 13 are numbers that intrigue me.

    9:because I’m accustomed to adding up digits of a number and we all know 9 added to any number, the sum of digits remain the same, which eases the addition.

    13: Coz of my personal history. During my stay in Chandigarh, I’m associated with i.e. my car no, phone no and house no- all ended in 49, that sums up to 13 and if someone is familiar with the design of Chandigarh, the city doesn’t have a 13 sector as the architect LeCorbusier considered the number unlucky but interestingly the sum of all adjacent sectors add up to 13 or a multiple of 13!! Intriguing isn’t it!!

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