“The Gift” by Nabokov

51RSJN9JSPLSudden rush of blood and throbbing of veins at the rare sight of Nabokov’s work; an eternal love born after a passionate introduction at Landmark, Gurgaon through his masterpiece Lolita. I had devoured the pages of Lolita, the epitome of female deification, savoring every word of the beautiful language. I have further introduced my passion to many, but much to my chagrin, it has been scorned at by many as “porn”. Nabokov has the dexterous ability of juxtaposing two sentences: one that might be describes as soft porn but the very next sentence so deep that it would overshadow all preceding remarks. Most people i believe fail to read the second sentence.

Two years hence, a reunion at Landmark, Mumbai: “The Gift”- a present to myself. Am totally smitten by the cover (Vintage), a masterpiece of art that has so aptly captured every dimension of the plot about a man who dreams of writing a novel and is passionate about lepidoptera (butterflies & moths). The cover depicts a net trapping a butterfly and the space between is filled with a phantasmagorical image of a typewriter and pages emerging from it. The golden glow around the typewriter, highlighted by the dull blue background, reflects how writing/ thoughts/ dreams possess the power to illuminate our lives. Printed over the golden rectangle is the line:

“[Nabokov] is in a class by himself”.- The Atlantic


A dreamer. An intellectual, spoiled by the world of literature trying to find sanity through traveling and expression through Visual Art and writing! Hope you like my expressions on this blog!!

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7 comments on ““The Gift” by Nabokov
  1. rider says:

    how was the book ??

  2. The book is definitely a great read but a slight disappointment after Lolita..The concept and the cover page are unique but the story is too sluggish, a feature that infests most existential novels!!

    • rider says:

      true, thaty the case with most mordern day authors, but if u like the word play of nabokov, then try reading yann martel, life of pi is his most famous work so far……..

      • I have read Life of Pi, from what now seems like ages ago and took a strong liking to it. Totally love the witty language, metaphors and of course the description of the protagonist- Richard Parker:)!!

  3. rider says:

    gr8, so ma ybe i shud ask u to suggest someone recent who is witty, sarcastic n has depth at the same time

  4. Thanks for the links, Richa.

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